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Serving the Following East Central
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Cambridge, Finlayson, Hinckley Isanti, Mora  

North Branch, Princeton

and the surrounding areas


Thermal Imaging         320-679-1035

Detecting Mold and Water Damage with Thorough Home Inspections

Today, more than ever, it is vital that a person buying or selling a home or building have it inspected prior to the sale. Law suits are abounding! Sellers either didn't disclose, or possibly didn't even know,  that their building had water damage, moisture or mold problems. Once it's sold and the problem is discovered, the endless fight begins as to which owner (prior or present) is going to repair it and who is going to pay the bill.
Pine Ridge Cleaning & Restoration Inc has extremely technical equipment to help us find moisture and mold problem areas. Our newest addition of equipment is a Thermal Imaging Camera. More commonly known as Infrared Imaging, this process is quick, effective and non destructive. With this highly technical camera we are able to find areas in walls, floors, ceilings and roofs that have been water damaged by water intrusion or may have missing insulation. Not only are we able to scan with it, but are able to take still photos ...proof for the buyer or seller of the condition of the home or building. Don't accept a home inspection or a mold inspection without this incredible tool.



How does it work? As water in a ceiling or wall-space evaporates it gives off energy or
heat. When an area is checked, the dry areas will usually be easily differentiated from the
wet. Wet areas in a house are usually cooler and will show up in the Infrared Imaging camera as darker. The camera's ability to detect very minute  differences in temperature helps us to find the wet areas quickly, without being destructive.We also use sensitive moisture meters to check for moisture in building materials.  Borescopes and our IC Camera are used to visually inspect inner wall cavities, HVAC ductwork etc, and to document our findings. Samples from mold damaged surfaces and from the air can be taken to detect hidden microbial problems.
  All mold samples are sent to a qualified lab for examination and report. Though our main expertise is moisture and mold, we are able to also
preform a "traditional" inspection that comes with a full report and documentation.
  Our home inspections are very thorough! Many times we have been able to discover where there has been covered over water damage or fire and smoke damage. Because fire restoration and water damage restoration are our main background we find what the average home inspector doesn't find.
  We have come to realize that  Infrared Imaging or Thermal Imaging is a tool we can't do without! Got Water Damage? Mold Damage? We don't leave home without it (our infrared camera :)!

Where Do We Work? Pine Ridge Cleaning & Restoration Inc serves the East Central Minnesota areas including the towns of; Mora MN, Cambridge MN, Milaca MN, Hinckley MN, Princeton MN, North Branch MN, Pine City MN, Isle MN, Sandstone MN, Isanti MN, Finlaysen MN, Braham MN, Stanchfield MN and the surrounding areas.