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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
The carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning technicians at Pine Ridge Cleaning & Restoration Inc. are, "Master Textile Cleaners", certified to  get your area rugs, carpet and upholstery clean and fresh looking. Our customers very often express amazement as to the day-and-night difference they see when we clean their carpet or furniture. Is it time to spruce up your home? Why not call now to schedule a free evaluation of your cleaning needs.

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We are a company who is willing to give an honest days work for honest  wages!

Our services include a pre-established quote prior to cleaning most surprises! We perform thorough vacuuming and edging of the carpets to be cleaned, moving and blocking or placing protective pads under the legs of the larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas and chairs. We do ask that you remove some of the smaller items from the room prior to cleaning, if you are able, such as smaller end tables and lamps etc. Items we generally do not move are china closets, pianos, organs and entertainments centers. The cleaned carpets are groomed at the end of the job to give a nice even appearance.

Upholstery is vacuumed and pre-treated as needed prior to cleaning. Our special cleaning tool prevents excess water from entering the cushioning of the furniture piece, this allows for quick drying. Furniture very often cleans very nicely and freshens up the whole room!

Beware of Manipulative Marketing Tactics!

Have you been told that there are high performance methods to clean your carpets that will leave absolutely no type of residue? Have you been told that your carpet will be "sanitized" when the cleaning is finished? Is special water needed to do the job well?

 Very clever marketing convinces people that something that is not, is. Is it possible to "sanitize" a carpet? Your carpet is made of thousands upon thousands of fine fibers, plus there is often a pad under it. Unless the carpet was actually suspended in a vat of disinfectant or biocide it will not come out "sanitized", and even then, it is questionable that it will kill every last germ. "Sanitized" means that all bacteria and microbial growth has been killed. You may also hear, if you're listening or reading carefully, that the carpet is "pre-treated". Pre-treated with what? And is the follow up rinse really going to remove every last bit of that pre-treatment residue? Why even water leaves a residue of minerals!

 An independent study testing electrically activated water in floor scrubbers discovered some interesting results. They wanted to see if the claims in the market place that electrically-activated water will "convert" tap water into a "Powerful cleaning agent". The end result of the testing proved that electrically - activated water preformed no better than plain tap water! Though the test was for floor scrubbers, the results would very likely be comparable to carpet cleaning .  "These independent lab test results make clear that if customers are paying a premium for this technology, expectations as to value and performance are unlike to be met", said Steve Baker, Vice President of sales & Marketing for Nilfisk - Advance (Nilfisk - Advance is one of the worlds leading manufactures of professional floor cleaning equipment. To see the results visit New cleaning methods are being explored and implemented by cleaning firms, time and extensive testing will tell how effective some of these methods are. Many new, "Green" cleaning methods are showing  promise, including electrically charged water. However, we should always be careful of exaggerated marketing claims!

 Our question to you is, "Would you lay your nice white shirt on the floor, walk on it for eight months, spill a few dabs of this and that on it, let the pets roll on it, drop a little tar or oil from the garage on it and then decide you would wash it in your washer with just water?" We are will to guess that you would be inclined to use an appropriate detergent in the water followed by a rinse, would you not? Do not be fooled by marketing tactics!

 As Master Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners, trained and certified by The Clean Trust ( IICRC), we provide very high quality carpet cleaning using methods that have proven themselves time and time again..year after year. We very often are complimented by our customers, saying they never expected their carpet to look so clean and nice after being so soiled. For those of you who may have sensitivities, let us know,  there are many carpet cleaning products available for us to choose from!

Would you like us to give you a free carpet cleaning inspection and evaluation? Do you live
within our service area? If so, we will be able to stop by your home, when it's convenient for you, to look over your carpet and upholstery needs and give you a written quotation.  Please don't hesitate to call!

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